Dr. Andrew Trant

Assistant Professor, School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability


Elaine Ho

Elaine is co-supervised by Dr. Simon Courtenay focusing her research on engaging scientists and government to sustainably co-manage freshwater resources. Her doctoral research will examine how cumulative effects monitoring programs can generate usable data for both science and decision-making and how it contributes to the management of freshwater resources by turning known to ecological monitoring approaches into more integrated, holistic, and engaging practice. Check out her website here.


Alana Closs

Alana grew up surrounded by the forests, lakes and rivers of Northern Saskatchewan, which allowed her to gain a deep connection with and fascination for the natural world. Alana is interested in examining the relationship between humans and the natural environment and how impacts, such as anthropogenic activities and climate change have and will continue to influence ecosystem function and biodiversity. 


Jessica Lockyer (starting in Fall 2017)

Kelsea McIntosh (starting in Fall 2017)